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1. The outstanding distribution of Free Dollars cryptocurrency from Yobit.

2. Preparatory stage before getting 1700 DLRS.

3. Step-by-step instructions on how to get 1700 Free Dollars.

4. Critical information about Free Dollars.

Hurry up to get 1700 Free Dollars! This is earnings without investment and additional terms.

Do you want to make money on cryptocurrencies without investments? You can get a start-up capital absolutely free of charge and without any requirements! You only need a Telegram account and an email. New cryptocurrency called “Free Dollar” can be obtained by you right now according to our detailed guide.

Free Dollars are given to everyone who has registered on the Yobit cryptocurrency exchange via a special link. Free Dollar trading is scheduled to open on October 1, 2020. You can sell the received cryptocurrency funds immediately at the opening of trading or later. Withdrawal of US dollars is made to Visa/Mastercard, PerfectMoney, AdvCash, Payeer, Capitalist payment systems without any additional terms.

Spend a few minutes of your time to get a certain amount of money for free. This is very easy to do according to our instructions. You do not risk anything, do not invest funds, do not disclose any of your personal or payment data. Don’t miss the chance to earn money without making much effort!

Prepare Telegram and email to get 1700 Free Dollars from Yobit.

The main two actions for getting cryptocurrency are subscribing to the telegram exchange bot and registering on the Yobit exchange. Both of these actions must be performed using the special partner bonus links listed below.

If you don’t use Telegram, you should install the app from the official website on your computer or phone. Log in to Telegram using your mobile number. Enter the password from the SMS that came to your phone. After installing Telegram for the first time you should add contacts from the phone book, write a few messages to someone or make a voice call. Your communication history must not be clear in order to successfully pass the verification process for crediting funds. After installing the app, you can optionally use the web version of messenger right in the browser. It is very convenient when working on PC. The message with the authorization data for logging in to the web version will not be sent via SMS, but to the previously installed application. So the browser version of the messenger can not be used without mobile or desktop Telegram application.

You need a suitable e-mail to register on Yobit. Some mailboxes are rejected. We strongly recommend using your existing account on or create a new one specifically for this registration. Google mail will definitely work. Use only English letters and numbers without dots or other characters in your email name.

Detailed step-by-step guide on how to get 1700 Free Dollars in steps.

IMPORTANT! It is much better to register using PC since the interface of the exchange’s website is very inconvenient for mobile devices. Adjust the scale to see the entire webpage and find the necessary page elements if you are currently working on a phone with a small screen.

free dollars йобит видео

Start performing the steps described below only after you finish the preparatory stage and have your Telegram and email accounts ready to work. The complete sequence of actions according to the instructions should be performed without slowing down or interruptions, without breaking into parts or postponing some stages. Otherwise, there is a risk that the overall process will be delayed and it will exceed the time limits set for the full procedure. So the security system will probably suspect that a robot is trying to register if you do not meet the time limit. In this case the funds will not be credited to your balance.

So the time is running. Subscribe to the official exchange robot using the partner URL from the instructions below. There are several ways to do this. As a result of any method, the official exchange bot will be added to your Telegram account.

You can open the Telegram bot directly from here:

free dollars yobit fastexrobot

A similar way to do the same is by opening the official Yobit website on a special partner page: get 1700 Free Dollars Click on the text link in the previous sentence or on the image below. Then click on the blue button that says “Click here to Get 1700 Free Dollars (Telegram)” or click on the “Open Telegram” hypertext as shown in the figure.

1700 Free Dollars Yobit.Net

Have you added FastExRobot to your contacts? Start sending commands to it. The interface can be in Russian by default. To switch to English, click on “Главное меню”, then go to “Настройки” and “Язык”, select “English”.

Click on the “Main menu” in the dialog with the robot and then select the first action “Get 1700 Free Dollars”. You will receive a 4-step guide described in detail below.

1700 free dollars main menu

get free dollars fastexrobot

1. Join the exchange chat, where you can ask all questions about Free Dollars. Be sure to greet the chat participants (write “Hi there!” or any other friendly greeting) to pass the activity check. Don’t use obscenities and swear words, don’t offend anyone, don’t engage in spam, don’t advertise anything and don’t send any web addresses to the chat! Otherwise, you will be banned.

2. Subscribe to the channel to keep up to date with all the news. Yobit exchange announces the main events of the current promotion “Get 1700 Free Dollars” here.

3. Register on the Yobit exchange using the bonus link You will receive an email with the account activation URL. Click on this link from email to complete the registration. After successfully confirming your email address, log in to the exchange with your username and password.

get 1700 free dollars register
get 1700 free dollars registration form left
get 1700 free dollars registration form

Have you already registered and logged in to your account? Then get your activation code using the personal link from the 3rd paragraph of the FastExRobot’s response. This URL starts with and your unique identifier is placed after “ = ”. Click on the URL from the 3rd paragraph in the robot’s message or copy and paste it into the browser’s address bar. You will be taken to a page with your personal code on the Yobit website. Copy it. If you are not logged in, log in with your username.

get 1700 free dollars instruction
get 1700 free dollars yobit code

4. Paste the code you copied from the Yobit site into the text message field of the dialog with the bot in Telegram and send it. After that FastExRobot will write back “Congratulations! You have received 1700 Free Dollars!” and you will be credited with 1700 DLRS. You can check balances by calling “Main menu” and then selecting “Balances”.

free dollars send code

get 1700 free dollars fastexrobot code

If items 1-3 are completed, but something went wrong, you can try again by clicking “Get 1700 Free Dollars” in the main menu of FastExRobot and sending back the code you copied from the exchange’s webpage.

Did you manage to get free dollars? Read about the opportunity to earn extra money without investment and add one more cryptocurrency token named EasyCash to your balance!

The most important recommendations to avoid losing free dollars.

WARNING! Don’t try to register all your relatives using your home computer or all your colleagues at your workplace. The security system easily tracks multiple registration attempts from the same computer or even the same IP address. Such actions are considered as attempts to deceive the exchange and accounts are blocked. If your colleagues at work want to participate in this promotion, ask them to use VPN services that give everyone different IP address.

Remember! “FastExRobot”, “Earn with Yobit” channel and “GetFreeDollarsEn” chat must remain in your Telegram. If you delete them, there will be no accruals of Free Dollars. Besides the bot will send each user a verification message with the question “Are you a robot?”. You have to answer “No”. The wording may vary, but the essence of the check is clear. User activity is monitored when working with the exchange Telegram robot and the Yobit website. So inactive accounts will be reset to zero. Therefore, it is highly desirable to get EASY in the telegram bot by clicking “Get 777 EasyCash Tokens”. These tokens will be credited to the Yobit balance immediately. Put 776 EASY into the InvestBox and leave 1 to fulfill the investment terms. Play DICE 10 or more times daily to earn 1% per day. Doing this you’ll have some extra money and show your activity.

Do you have any questions or difficulties? Feel free to contact us on social media, online chat, messengers, e-mail, comments to the article or by sending a message via the contact form! We will answer all your questions and help you remotely if necessary.

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